Starting a Family?

Starting a Family?

Many of the chemicals we are exposed to in daily life can be bad for fertility, pregnancy, and babies.

Did you know:

  • Toxic chemicals have been linked to reduced fertility in men and women.

  • Toxic chemicals can pass through the placenta and breast milk from mother to child.

  • Early-life exposure to toxic chemicals have been linked to developmental delays and behavioral problems in children.

At Million Marker, we strive to empower women and men who are starting a family. We provide:

  • The most recent and accurate┬áinformation about how toxic chemicals can affect your health.

  • A list of non-toxic Approved Products for your personal care needs.

  • A simple and convenient mail-in test that tells you your current chemical exposures and shows you how to eliminate them

Whether you are planning a pregnancy, are currently pregnant, or have a newborn, testing and eliminating your exposures can ensure the best start for your growing family.

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