5 Tips for Starting YOUR Health Detox

A detox journey can seem overwhelming but don't worry, it is a step by step process and we are here to support you! This blog gives you a 5 step start for your detox journey that is easy and suggests replacement products for those you may be getting rid of.

Did you know that 906 chemicals can be found in plastic and that 148 of them can be dangerous?

Protect your immunity, mood, and fertility from toxic chemicals. Kickstart your detox with these 5 simple Million Marker-Approved Tips!

1. Rethink Your Food Storage

96% of human bodies have BPA, a plastic chemical used to make packaging. BPA can contaminate water and food. When consumed, BPA mimics estrogen and messes up our hormones.

  • Do not microwave food in plastic. 

  • Save leftovers in stainless steel or glass containers.

  • Preserve freshness with beeswax wrap rather than Saran wrap.

2. Change Up the Aroma 

Specific fragrances are manufactured with a mixture of 3,000+ various chemicals known as phthalates. Phthalates are present in 98% of Americans’ bodies. Common phthalates, such as DBP, DEHP, DEP, disrupt hormones and provoke allergies.

3. Upgrade Clothing & Household Materials

Flexible vinyl plastics, also known as PVC (#3), help give materials their pliable texture and shape. However, they also contain phthalates that may endanger our immunity. Give your closet and house a PVC-free makeover!

  • Install a linen or cloth shower curtain and liner.

  • Wash dishes without using gloves.

  • Wear leather or vegan leather flip-flops.

4. Become A Mindful Shopper

8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. Clean up the environment and your health by cutting your carbon footprint. Change your shopping habits for a healthier tomorrow.

  • Opt for digital receipts or tell the cashier you don’t need one.

  • Bring your own canvas bags to the store. 

  • Say “no” to utensils when ordering food delivery. 

5. Stay Hydrated with Pure Water 

Approximately 200 million people are drinking water with PFAS in it. These forever chemicals have been linked to infertility in adults and neurodevelopment issues in babies. Drink up with peace of mind by purifying your water. 

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