Why You Should Wear Deodorant Without Aluminum

Toxic chemicals in deodorants can cause health problems. Discover how to shop for the best aluminum free deodorants.


Smell fresh, not toxic.

Many commercial deodorant brands use aluminum as an ingredient. This heavy metal works as an antiperspirant and antibacterial agent. Aluminum has also been linked to Alzheimer's Disease and breast cancer [1] [2]. Eliminate underarm odor and toxic chemicals from your wellness routine with aluminum-free deodorant. 

How to Wear Deodorant Without Aluminum 

Aluminum deodorant? How about alumi-NONE deodorant?

This common ingredient has been linked to health concerns. It also turns colorless sweat into yellow pit stains [3]! 

Save on the laundry detergent spray and embarrassment. Be confident in how you smell without sacrificing your health. Practice healthy hygiene by using these natural alternatives. 

1. Embrace Your Essence

The best no-aluminum deodorant is no deodorant at all. After all, there are other harmful chemicals, like parabens, phthalates, and BHT in deodorant!

Go toxic-free by going back to your roots. Our bodies produce natural pheromones. 

These scents have attracted partners to one another for centuries! Change the stigma around hygiene by detoxing from your aluminum deodorant.  

Allow a couple of weeks for the aluminum to leave the system fully. As a friendly heads up, your armpits may smell during this time. 

That's part of the detox process. Your natural odor will improve, and so will your health!  

2. DIY Detox Time

Nothing is better than taking your health into your own hands. Or, in this case, pits!

Take self-care to the next level by making your own armpit detox. This simple recipe will have you smelling confidently fresh. 


  • 1 Tablespoon bentonite clay 

  • 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar


  1. Place clay into a glass bowl. 

  2. Pour apple cider vinegar over clay and allow it to fizz.

  3. Stir until it forms a thick paste. 

  4. Add water if you'd like a more liquidy texture

  5. Apply the paste liberally to armpits and allow to sit for 15 minutes.

  6. Remove with warm water and a soft washcloth.

Anticipate some awkward tingling under the armpits. That's just the vinegar working its antibacterial magic! 

3. Go Natural 

Some people need a little extra TLC under the armpits. Right before a presentation or prior to your first kiss with a crush. 

Oh yeah, we’ve all been there! No fret. There are still plenty of antiperspirant deodorants without aluminum. 

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