BPA is Everywhere! How Can You Avoid It?

Bisphenol A is all around you in your environment and can disrupt your body's hormonal balance. While many of us are on a fertility journey, it affects more than just your reproductive system! Don't be overwhelmed though, we are here with a great blog to help you eliminate as much BPA as possible from your life!

What is BPA? 
BPA (bisphenol A) is a man-made chemical that is everywhere in our daily lives.  We have known since the 1930s that BPA mimics estrogen. Even so, BPA was developed to line food cans and to make plastic. Plastic made from BPA is known as polycarbonate plastic, and is both clear and hard. 

Where can BPA be found? 

BPA can be found in:

Why is BPA bad?

BPA acts like natural estrogen. This means it can mess up normal hormone activity in the body. The type and amount of each hormone in the body is essential for normal balance of all systems. Thus, BPA can change how the body functions, causing harm. 

As a result of BPA affecting the body’s natural hormones, it can lead to health problems. BPA has been linked to:

BPA is also bad for the environment due to pollution and breakdown of consumer plastics.

What about “BPA-free?”

While BPA is bad, the label “BPA free” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear. 

Companies “healthwash” by replacing BPA with other toxic chemicals and market their product as “BPA-free.” Chemicals like BPF and BPS are very similar to BPA, and seem to have the same toxic effects. These chemicals, known as “regrettable substitutes,” are usually not well tested, and can be worse than the original chemical.

What can you do to avoid BPA? 

BPA is everywhere, but there are steps you can take to avoid this toxic chemical. 

  • Avoid food and beverages stored in cans or plastic. Use glass, silicone, or stainless-steel instead. (Hint: shop for products on our Approved Products List!

  • Research your products. EWG has a searchable database where you can look up BPA in food packaging. 

  • Just say “NO” to paper receipts.  Learn more about BPA in paper receipts here

  • Beware of “BPA-free.” Use plastic alternatives. Find toxic-free products from our Approved Products List

Get tested! 

BPA, and other everyday toxic chemicals are not usually listed as an ingredient in packaging, food, or consumer products, so it is hard to know where you are being exposed. 

Our Detox Lifestyle Audit and Toxic Chemical Test Kit identifies your exposures to BPA, BPS, BPF (and other toxic chemicals such as phthalates and parabens) and their sources so you can eliminate them from your life.
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