5 Reasons Why You Need Glass Food Storage Containers

Ditch plastic containers. Cook up a healthier lifestyle by making the swap to glass for your food storage and leftovers.

Cooking at home and meal prepping are excellent ways to improve the nutritional quality of food.

These mindful activities also help you control toxic chemicals from contaminating your food. Toxic chemicals can make their way into your mouth when you pack food in plastic containers. The impact of this? Some of these chemicals have been linked to health problems such as metabolic disorders, cancers, and even reduced fertility. You can still have your meal-prepped chicken and eat it, too! Glass containers are the toxic-free shift you need in your pantry. Here are all the benefits you can get from packing your next meal in a glass container. 


1. Doesn’t Contaminate Your Food

Eat nutritious food, not toxic chemicals. Many plastic containers are made with harmful chemicals, including bisphenols and phthalates. Plastic containers have the potential to leach chemicals into food. 

This concern becomes more pronounced when these containers are used to store acidic or fatty foods. In contrast, glass does not leach chemicals, making it a safer option for food storage. 

2. They Can Stand the Heat

Can’t stand the heat? Then get out of the kitchen! That means you, too, plastic!

Isn’t meal prepping supposed to make your life easier? With plastic, you can’t easily reheat your food or wash your containers in a dishwasher.

Plastic can warp with heat. As this happens, the chemicals that make the plastic start to alter and can contaminate the food that comes into contact with it. Instead, opt for dishwasher and microwave safe containers that won’t negatively impact your health!

3. No Lingering Stenches

Don’t give away your secret recipes! Plastic is porous and can smell like the food it packs.

Their molecular structure contains tiny spaces that can absorb and trap bacteria, odors, and food particles. Therefore, plastic containers are less hygienic over time.

Additionally, plastic containers can change colors based on the food in them. Case in point, has any plastic container ever survived the wrath of leftover spaghetti?

Glass is naturally stain-resistant. Choose toxic-free containers that are long-lasting and smell-proof.  

4. Saves You Money

Cooking at home is an investment in your health. So is storing the leftovers in glass containers. In addition to health benefits, this investment is also a wise investment for your finances. 

While more expensive at first than plastic, glass containers are less expensive in the long run. They are far more durable than plastic, and they can last years without warping, changing color, or harboring smells. Not to mention they save you the cost of toxic exposure. 

5. Better for You, Better for the Environment 

Plastic has a devastating effect on the environment. Plastic waste can leak into ecosystems, spreading harmful chemicals and altering habitats and natural processes. 

Additionally, because plastic takes so long to degrade, the damage to the environment will occur long after your lunch break. Help protect the environment by switching to an eco-friendly food storage option.

We could list 100 more reasons why you should be only using glass and toxic-free containers for your food, but we know you have meals to prep! Ready to get started with introducing toxic-free kitchenware today? Start shopping now.

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