How to Pick Toxic-Free Toys

Millions of baby toys are made with plastics and low-grade silicone that can disrupt hormones. Avoid these chemicals in children’s toys. Then, shop for our toxic-free toy recommendations.

Toxic Free Toys

It may sometimes feel like “all work and no play” for parents.

But for should be all play all day! Playtime for babies has been linked to positive developmental outcomes. Set your child up for success by protecting them from toys made with toxic chemicals! 

Run - or Crawl - Away From These Toxic Chemicals!

A long day of play makes a baby’s cries go away! Stock up your toy room with toxic-free play items. Protect your baby’s future by making sure their toys are free from toxic chemicals

Many plastic and silicone toys contain or are manufactured with harmful ingredients such as: 

  • BPA: Linked to abnormal birth weight, infertility, and problems with brain development.

  • Phthalates: Have been shown to cause allergies, birth defects, and problems with brain development 

  • BPS: BPA-alternative that may cause insulin resistance and irregular vascular function in children.

  • PFAS: May lead to later effects on the hormone system, immune system, liver, and kidneys.

  • Lead: Found to be most harmful to unborn babies and children

Fun shouldn’t be toxic. Cleanse the playroom of these toxic chemicals by avoiding plastic and low-quality silicone toys as much as possible.

Clean Out the Toy Chest

Playing is what makes a child a child. Allow them to explore with fun toys while giving yourself some peace of mind. Upgrade your baby’s toy chest with toxic-free items. Don't feel limited to only puzzles or rattles because there is an endless number of toxic-free brands and toys for your child!

1. Opt for Organic

A plush toy is a baby’s best friend! Let their imagination run wild by using soft toys made from non-GMO seeds without the use of any harmful chemicals. Narwhals, cats, and mermaids oh my!

2. Toxic-Free Teething 

Soothe your cranky baby’s incoming teeth without having them bite down on plastic. Organic cotton and wooden teethers ensure that harmful chemicals won’t sneak their way into your baby’s life. 

3. Musical Memories 

Maybe your baby is the next Mozart? Spark their creativity while staying toxic-free! Let your baby make their own music with organic cotton rattlers that will get the whole house dancing. 

4. Building Blocks > Hormone Blockers

Imaginations make anything possible. Let your baby take on the role of architect with all-natural, wooden stacking toys. These are the building blocks of their imagination. 

Stay Playful

Take comfort in knowing that your child’s healthy brain development from good play won’t come at the cost of toxic exposure. You can have your cake and eat it too with our selection of toxic-free toys! 

Expecting and wondering what other chemicals are lurking in your home that you should watch out for? Take Million Marker’s Detect & Detox Test Kit and get individualized feedback on your toxic exposures.