How to Detox, Digitally: The Million Marker App Guide

Removing harmful chemicals from our bodies can not only increase fertility but also improve ones health overall! Do you want to detox your body by removing helpful chemicals from your life? The Million Marker App can help you do this! Read on to learn more about the app and how to get started on your detox journey.

Many of us rely on mobile apps to help manage our lives.

More and more, we are using apps to improve our health and wellness. Digital healthcare was already on the rise before COVID-19. But this past year, consumers realized the many advantages of digital health tools. Digital health apps:

  • Are contactless
  • Easily track health data
  • Provide personalized care
  • Save time and money for both patients and hospitals
In fact, digital health tracking apps are the future of health. There are thousands of digital health tools, such as 23andMe, Fitbit, and MedAnswers. And every day, there are more tools available. Yet out of all these health apps, Million Marker is the only one that gives consumers the power to learn what’s inside.

What is The Million Marker app?

The Million Marker app is a simple way to track exposure to everyday toxic chemicals and detox your life. Our app is user-friendly, personalized, and makes it easy to switch to a toxic-free lifestyle! The app is also a crucial part of the Million Marker Lifestyle Audit.

Here are a list of features and services our app provides:

  • Test Kit Activation. The test kit activation process is effortless through the app. Simply scan the barcode on the front of your test kit and it will automatically enter your kit number for you. Next, enter the date you plan on collecting your urine sample. You can even set reminders to complete your exposure journal throughout the day. Press save, and read through our terms and conditions. If you click “Agree,” then your kit becomes activated! 

  • Exposure Journal. This tool allows you to track your diet and product use throughout the day. You can also take pictures of your food and products to make the journaling even easier. Our test kit requires this 24 hour lifestyle journal before you collect your sample. If you purchased a lifestyle audit only, you can choose any typical 24 hour period to fill out your journal. This information includes:

    • Type of food consumed, how it was prepared, and packaging it came in (for every meal and snack) 

    • Beverages consumed and type of packaging it came in 

    • Supplements taken 

    • Personal care products used 

    • Supplies touched or used

    • Products you came into contact with (receipts, CD’s, other)

  • Results reports. Your purchase of a test kit or lifestyle audit will come with a personalized, actionable report.

    • The Million Marker Lifestyle Audit will identify your likely toxic chemical exposures through your daily diet and product use. Our team of exposure scientists will carefully analyze your 24 Hour Exposure Journal to identify problematic products, foods, and/or aspects of your lifestyle which need changing, in order to detox your life.

    • The Million Marker Test Kit + Lifestyle Audit will identify exactly which toxic chemicals you are being exposed to, and the levels of exposure. With your test results and your 24 Hour Exposure Journal, our team of exposure scientists can identify the most likely sources of your exposures, and provide specific, actionable changes to truly learn what’s inside, and detox your life. 

  • Resources page. This page is great for discovering more about our services and the importance of reducing toxic exposures. 

  • Products page. Here you can purchase our services for detoxing: the test kit, lifestyle audit, and lifestyle counseling. You can also shop our toxic-free products: try our personal care detox and kitchen detox starter kits to jumpstart your detox journey. Or search our hundreds of approved products!  

  • Education. The app now features education materials, so even if you do not purchase the test kit or lifestyle audit, you can still use the app to learn about reducing toxic chemicals in your body!

Get tested 

Take advantage of all our app has to offer by getting our lifestyle audit, or both the test kit & lifestyle audit. Million Marker makes it easy to learn what’s inside, but our app makes the process even easier. 

Get the Million Marker App!

If you’re interested in going toxic-free from the palm of your hand, download our app today!