Pregnancy Safe Perfumes


Can I Use Perfume During Pregnancy?

Before you bathe your body with perfume, proceed with caution. Your sense of smell can be heightened during this exciting time.
Strong scents can also promote an upset stomach, especially during morning sickness [1]. Hydrate with filtered water and sip on herbal peppermint tea to help soothe any nausea. 

Let's Play Name That Fragrance!

Let's play a game. And no, this one won't be a 24-hour marathon like Monopoly!

Think about your favorite perfume. 

Imagine the scent. Close your eyes and smell it. 

How would you describe that fragrance?

Is it fresh and florally like a field of flowers? How about a zesty bite of citrus? Perhaps there's a sweet undertone of vanilla? Yet, none of these ingredients are ever used! 

Instead, the ingredients list would probably say:

  • Fragrance

  • Parfum

  • Perfume

  • Natural Scent

Have you ever smelled a flower and an orange? It's not the same “fragrance.” 

So, how are they classified as the same ingredient? And why is that ingredient named something as generic as "fragrance?"

What’s That Smell?

Knowing what is in your personal products can help you make healthier decisions for you and your baby. We don’t know all of the ingredients used to make fragrances. However, we do know that many companies use phthalates [2]. 

These plastic chemicals have been linked to issues with children, including hyperactivity, IQ, and brain development [3]. Preserve your child’s future by ditching unnatural preservatives like phthalates. 

Upgrade your beauty routine. Choose natural beauty ingredients you can trust. 

"Perfume ingredients to look out or include Fragrance, Parfum, Perfume, and Natural Scent"

Natural Scents Are Common Sense 

Smell good by sticking with what you know. Use the actual botanicals these unknown chemicals are mimicking. You deserve the real thing! Glow up with these pregnancy-safe perfume upgrades.

1. Get Mystified

Spritzing perfume is convenient because its scent lasts all day. Get the same benefits while hydrating your skin. Moisturize and smell fabulous with Meow Meow Tweet's Geranium Frankincense Body Oil.

Alluring scents produced by perfumes can cause adverse skin reactions. Revitalize your skin with Meow Meow Tweet's Lavender Lemongrass Body Oil. The energizing aroma is just an added bonus!   

2. Bathe in Beauty

Want to smell like your favorite fragrant flower? Bathe in it. Enrich your bath with organic flower petals. 

Infusing your bathwater with skin-soothing botanicals provides a pleasant aroma that lingers for hours. This act of self-care also helps reduce stress, which moms-to-be can appreciate!

3. Keep It Fresh

No longer mask your body with harsh fragrances. Embrace a cleaner scent by using natural hygiene products.

Cultivate a clean scent that will boost your confidence with Million Marker’s Personal Care Detox Starter Bundle

Emit the sweet scents of Soap Cauldron Mandarin Blossom & Calendula’s Shampoo Bar.

Keep fresh with Taylor's ELEVATED PITS! Stick Natural Deodorant. Evoke kissable lips with peppermint shea organic lip balm. 

Live your best life with these aromatic upgrades and more!