Top 5 Ways To Increase Ovulation Naturally

Do you get stressed about your ovulation window? Fear not! We are here to give you helpful tips to support your conception journey and naturally boost your ovulation. From fun date nights to staying hydrated with good old H2O, continue reading to learn more about how you can improve your ovulation cycle.

How to Increase Ovulation Naturally 

Growing a family is an exciting time for any couple! Remember, every family has a unique story full of setbacks and successes. Here are some tips to increase your chances of ovulation and improve your fertility!

1. Get to Know Your Cycle

Calendars are to record key dates, and none are more important than when you ovulate. Fertility is at its peak the five days leading to and on the day of ovulation [1].  

Every second counts when trying to boost your ovulation. Stay on track by tracking your ovulation with apps like Flo Period Tracker. Anticipate your next fertility window. You’ll gain more opportunities to conceive!

2. Plan A Romantic Night for 2

Scheduling sex can make making love a task. Keep the spark alive by planning date nights around your ovulation. 

Set the mood accordingly. Celebrate together by going out to a nice dinner, drawing a romantic bath for two, or taking a stroll in the park. Then, let the sparks fly!

"Fertility is at its peak the five days leading to and on the day of ovulation."

3. Drink Water, Not Chemicals

Need more motivation to drink those eight glasses of water per day? Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to increase chances of ovulation!

Help give the sperm guidance by drinking plenty of water. A refreshing glass of water gives your cervical fluid the consistency necessary to help sperm move fluidly. 

Save your future diaper money by removing plastic water bottles from your shopping list. Reusable BPA-free water bottles will save you money...and save the environment. 

This lifestyle upgrade will also help boost your ovulation. Plastic water bottles contain chemicals that mimic estrogen like BPA, triclosan, parabens, and more [2]. 

Boost ovulation windows and sperm quality. Trade up how you hydrate with plastic-free water bottles.  

4. Treat Yourself

Looking good is part of feeling good. It’s easy to prioritize beauty over health; however, you can have both!

Moisturizers can leave the skin looking radiant on the outside while causing infertility issues on the inside. Treat yourself by eliminating toxic ingredients from your beauty routine. Recapture your natural glow with these Million Marker Approved Body Oils, Butters & Lotions.   

5. Get the Answers You Deserve

Are you rather attached to your beauty products? They’ve done you well so far, so don’t toss out your favorite shampoo just yet!

Learn whether or not your personal products are exposing you to hormone-disrupting toxic chemicals that can impact ovulation. Try a Million Marker Detect & Detox Test Kit + Lifestyle Audit

Receive in-depth insights about the chemicals in your body. Boost your ovulation naturally with personalized product recommendations. Get the guidance and support you deserve with Million Marker!