Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Are you currently on your journey to conceive? Well we have some wonderful tips for you to assist along the way. We know that this journey can sometimes be stressful, but don't worry, you are not alone! Please read on to learn helpful tips on how to increase your chances of becoming pregnant!

5 Tips for Conceiving 

There is increasingly promising research on natural ways to help conceive. Making small changes to your daily routine just might be how to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Just follow these 5 tips for conceiving!

1. Makeover Your Cosmetics 

Rediscover your natural beauty. Ditch the lotions, creams, and shampoos that expose your body to up to 515 synthetic chemicals daily [2]. 

Protect your body from chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and parabens. These chemicals mimic estrogen [3], denying your body the real thing. Maintaining a natural hormonal balance is key when trying to conceive.

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2. Upgrade Your Diet

Get reacquainted with your kitchen. When trying to conceive, one of the easiest things you can do is adjust your diet:

  • Increase Omega-3s (Fish, Nuts, Seeds) - strengthening uterus lining [4].

  • Low Carbs (Sweet Potato, Greens) - consume ~120g complex carbs daily as prevention for PCOS [5].

  • Colorful Foods - each color denotes an antioxidant that improves sperm quality and chances of full-term pregnancy [6].

  • Fiber - flushes out excess estrogen associated with PCOS and feeds healthy gut bacteria [7].

  • More Plant Protein - 50% lower risk of ovulatory infertility than animal meat [8].

3. Say Bye-Bye to Plastic 

Plastic products can be convenient. They can also be an inconvenience when you’re trying to get pregnant. 

Remember those estrogen zappers? They’re in plastic, too! 

Improve your chances of conceiving by breaking free from plastic with these Million Marker Approved Products:

4. Chase New Buzzes

What you drink is just as important as what you eat. Better hydration means a better chance to conceive. 

Women who drink more than one cup of coffee daily are 50% less likely to become pregnant during their ovulation cycle than women who abstain [9]. 

Get a natural buzz going by taking a jog. Stay hydrated and cool as a cucumber with a BPA-free water bottle. Inhale energizing essential oils, like orange or peppermint!  

Also, increase your chances of getting pregnant by calling “last call” on yourself. Consuming one drink per week can increase infertility risks for women over 30 [10]. 

Instead, relax with an herbal tea or create a delicious mocktail to get the party started!  

 5. Discover YOU

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