Top 5 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Egg Quality & Quantity

Did you know that females are born with a set amount of eggs and do not produce more during their life? Eggs are precious and will one day form into your beautiful child. Read on to learn more about to help conserve your egg numbers and how to increase egg quality for a fertility boost!

How to Improve Egg Quality and Quantity

Did you know that girls are born with 1-2 million eggs? [1] While this number seems infinite, the average woman loses 1,000 eggs per month [2].  Eggs are finite. We must make slight changes to our lifestyles to improve the quality of our eggs. Here are some tips for how to boost egg quality naturally!  


1. Open Up the Blood Flow

If you expect to carry around a 7-lb. fetus in your womb, it's going to need some extra support. Blood breathes life into the cells that coat your uterus to provide a loving home for that budding TikTok dancer in your belly!  

The best blood-circulating ways to improve female egg quality include:

  • Go for an outdoor stroll [3] 

  • Indulge in a massage [4]

  • Ground yourself with yoga & deep-breathing [5]

2. Pop the Plastic Bubble

Remember that annoying little game, "I know you are, but what am I?" That's the game our body plays every time we drink out of a plastic bottle!

Plastic chemicals mimic our natural estrogen, which causes a hormonal imbalance. Natural estrogen is our friend. It thickens the uterus lining, which increases the chances of fertilization. 

Swapping out the 70,000 microplastics you consume every year with BPA-free products is a monumental step in how to increase egg quality [6]!

"The average woman loses 1,000 eggs per month."


3. Cozy Up to Your Uterus

Much like a new seed in the garden needs plenty of sunlight, embryos and healthy eggs need warmth, too. Nurturing a warm womb is essential in how to improve egg quality for IVF naturally.

Try these healthy and safe tips to warm your insides:

  • Chat over ginger tea

  • Cuddle up under a blanket

  • No to cold gazpacho, yes to hot soup

4. Say Yes to the Avo Toast 

You are what you eat. Our bodies turn food into energy that powers our cells. Empower your eggs to optimal health by making some easy dietary changes [7]. 

The best fertility diet to improve egg quality includes:

  • Low-glycemic carbs (fruits, nuts, greens)

  • Plant protein (quinoa, chia seeds)

  • Monounsaturated fats (coconut oil, olives, avocados)

  • Antioxidants (multi-colored veggies)

5. Connect With Who You're Meant to Be

Your personal products are a reflection of who you are. Many popular items have toxic chemicals hidden in their formulas. These chemicals also hide inside of you.

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