Top 5 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Fertility

Boost your fertility through natural remedies such as relaxing self-care activities, staying hydrated, creating a healthy meal plan, continuing trying to conceive, and by figuring out and eliminating some of your toxic exposures. Read on for a more in-depth discussion on these topics!


Our 30s are a fun time in life that should be full of celebrations with loved ones.

Growing your family is the next logical step for many couples, including the 15% who have trouble conceiving [1]. Here are some ways to boost your fertility in your 30s! 


5 Ways to Increase My Fertility

Now is the time to create family memories that last a lifetime! Improve your chances of conception by making these small changes to your routine. Here are five ways to increase fertility naturally. 

1. Pencil In Some Self-Care 

Supporting each other through infertility issues can be challenging for any couple. While you're in this together, it's okay to schedule some self-care time. 

Spend time doing things that bring you joy as a healthy way to manage stress:

These are moments to check in with yourself. That way, you can be the best partner and, eventually, the best parent!

Couples have a 17% higher chance of conceiving in the three months following a miscarriage.

2. Refresh Your Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest natural ways to boost fertility. Get the most out of each sip by upgrading your drinkware to BPA-free water bottles! 

Plastic chemicals, like BPA and phthalates, behave similarly to estrogen. Support natural hormone production by leaving the plastic on "read" with a BPA-free water bottle

3. Meal Plan for A Growing Family

Eat for the family you long to have. Prepare your body for an incoming baby. Simple tweaks to your meal planning can really boost your fertility naturally. 

Sprinkle some of these onto your plate:

  • Leafy Greens - B-vitamins, like folate, reduces ovulatory fertility [2].

  • Wild-Caught Fish - omega-3s boost sperm movement [3].

  • Berries - rich in antioxidants, like CoQ10, that support egg & sperm quality [4].

  • Quinoa - plant-based protein rich in dietary fiber that eliminates toxic substances.

  • Avocados - omega-3s, fiber & vitamin E that keeps sperm alive longer [5].

Made too much? No need to waste! Keep your leftovers fresh in plastic-free food storage containers

4. Always Be Hopeful

Miscarriages are unfortunate setbacks for over 1 million couples [6]. Grieving is a natural part of healing. However, it's important to keep trying when you are emotionally ready.

Trying again is one of the best ways to increase female fertility and male fertility after a miscarriage.

Couples have a 17% higher chance of conceiving in the three months following a miscarriage.



5. Explore Your Health 

We are all unique. Figuring out how to increase fertility naturally isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Receive unique lifestyle recommendations to boost your fertility with Million Marker's Detect & Detox Test Kit + Lifestyle Audit.

Uncover the hidden chemicals in your daily wellness products that make conception challenging. Identify the troublesome products in your routine by evaluating your toxic exposures.

Live a balanced life that makes getting pregnant easier for the whole family. Learn about the chemicals in your house to create a healthier home for generations to come!



[5] Melanie Mumme