Kit Instructions

Prepare for Kit Activation

1. Download the Million Marker app

2. Login Setup

  • Open the app and click “sign up” to create your login information. Make sure there are no extra spaces after you enter your email address.

3. Confirmation

  • Enter your email and the confirmation code you received through text.

4. Sign In

  • Now you can sign in to our Million Marker app.

5. Explore

  • Watch our next instructional video to learn how to use the features on our app!

Activate your Kit and Personalize!

  1. Complete Profile

  2. Fill out each section such as name, birth year, height, and more.

  3. Address

    • Make sure to fill out your shipping address, and indicate whether it’s your billing address as well.

  4. Profile Picture

    • Click on the icon at the top, and either upload an image or take one live!

  5. Add Kit

    • Either enter your test kit’s barcode manually, or scan the barcode by clicking on the barcode icon.

  6. Date and Reminders

    • Set the date to when you plan on collecting your urine sample, and add reminders to fill out your exposure journal (if you’d like).

  7. Terms and Conditions

    • After pressing save, read through terms & conditions, and press “Agree” or “Decline.” 

    • Please note: You cannot make changes after pressing save.

Check Components

Kit Components

  1. Collection Kit Contents Sheet

  2. Urine Collection Cup

  3. Kit Activation Instructions

  4. Pre-Labelled LabPak

  5. Biohazard Bag

If you are missing any of the kit components listed in this video, please contact

Exposure Journal

  1. Avoid glare/shadows

  2. Avoid angles

  3. Avoid far away pictures

  4. Avoid blurry pictures

  5. And remember to take two pictures!

    • A picture of the front

    • A picture of the ingredients if possible

Remember to fill out your exposure journal before sending your sample using the app

  • This will cover the previous 24 hours

  • Document the food and drink you consumed and the products you used throughout your day (during the 24 hours prior to collecting your sample)

Sample Collection

Collect and send your sample by following the instructions here

Sample Collection Instructions

  1. Good morning! When you FIRST get up, wash hands with water and air dry.

  2. Remove the cap of the collection cup, do not touch the inside of the cap or the cup, and do not let the inside of the cap contact any surface.

  3. Start urinating into the toilet, then move the cup into the urine stream to collect the sample. This is to ensure a clean catch. Fill the cup ½ full.

  4. Screw on the cap tightly.

  5. Place the cup into the biohazard bag and seal the top.

  6. Place the biohazard bag with the cup into the cup insert. Make sure the cup is upright.

  7. Close the box and put the box into the pre-labelled mailer.

  8. Drop your sample off at your nearest FedEx location during Monday through Thursday.

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