Approved Test Kits

 Approved Test Kits


Test kits take the guesswork out of your health. They provide you with the precise data you need to make educated decisions about your wellness routine, purchases, food choices, and more. Personalize your daily regimen, meet your health goals, and improve your life with these Million Marker Approved Test Kits!

Detect & Detox Test Kit


Detect & Detox Test Kit & Lifestyle Detox


Gut Health Test

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Predict & Confirm™ Kit Get $5 off


Hers and His Fertility Starter Kit Get $5 off


Reserve FSH Tests Get $5 off


Complete Testing System Get $5 off


Predict LH Tests Get $5 off


Male Fertility Test Get $5 off


City Water Tests


Well Water Tests


VOC Water Test


Rainwater Tests


PFAS Water Test


Advanced Bottled Water Test


Spring Water Tests


Glyphosate Water Test


All Other Water Tests Heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, mold, and more