Is BHA Safe During Pregnancy?

Take that Instagram filter off and embrace your natural and gorgeous skin! Take pride in your radiant glow by avoiding chemicals like BHA while pregnant. BHA is a human-made preservative that might complicate your pregnancy with its unwanted side effects including hives and peeling skin [1]. Learn which products can keep your skin feeling like #nofilter without exposing you to harmful chemicals!


What is BHA? 

BHAs are synthetic antioxidant compounds added to products to increase their shelf life. BHA’s are commonly found in:

  • Cosmetics such as lipsticks 

  • Body care products such as perfumes

  • Food packaging

  • Various foods 

  • Petroleum products

We’re Staging a SKINtervention 

Yes, you heard us right - SKINtervention. Detoxify your skincare regimen from potentially harmful ingredients, like BHA (Beta hydroxy acids). 

Million Marker doesn’t recommend BHA as safe to use during pregnancy. It’s most common ingredient is salicylic acid, which ingested orally in late-pregnancy may cause complications [2]. 

Look #instaworthy by leaving BHA on read. Here’s how!

1. Reassess Your Current Products

Go back to your roots and use natural products that will leave your face feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. Watch as you begin to radiate home grown confidence and beauty. 

Experience these healthy changes by going BHA-free with these skin-nourishing tips:

  • Trade up on your current product if it dries out your skin (Yup, BHA [3] is very guilty of this).

  • Less is more, and a little dollop goes a long way. Stop painting a masterpiece with your lotion!

  • Keep it simple. The less ingredients on the list, the better. You’re not reading a novel!

2. Glow Up With Upgrades

Going on vacation next week and need a BHA-free product to glam up your photos? We have the perfect pregnancy-safe skin care products to impress those in-laws on Facebook. 

Swap these into your skin care routine and watch the likes roll in:

3. Beauty Is Skin Deep 

Need more products to rejuvenate your skin that are pregnancy-safe? Read about What Cosmetics To Avoid While Pregnant to help clean out your vanity. 

Welcome new and safe skin care products with open arms. Your complexion will thank you for it. 

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