Is Formaldehyde Safe During Pregnancy?

Your home will be where your baby takes their first steps, says their first words, or accomplishes another milestone. There is no room in the house for toxic chemicals! Evict harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, because a formaldehyde-free home is a family-friendly home.


Formaldehyde-Free Is the Way to Be

Preserve a healthy household by cleaning this common preservative out of your household items. 

Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring chemical that is used to make home building and household products such as:

  • Detergents 

  • Furniture 

  • Fuel burning products 

  • Resins 

  • Paper products 

Formaldehyde has been known to cause cancer [1]. Additionally, this toxic chemical poses a threat to your little one because it may increase your chance of fertility-related issues or a miscarriage [2]. Formaldehyde may also cause low birth weight [3]. 

Design Keeping Toxic-Free in Mind

Take comfort in knowing that your home is safe for your little one. Make home renovation exciting by finding products that are formaldehyde-free!

Being Toxic-Free Never Goes Out of Style

Make your home the place people want an invite to! Compare building material types based on their hazardous content and discover how living toxic-free can be equally as luxurious [4]. 

Simply Toxic-Free

Have simple tastes and want your home to be tuned into nature? All the while being formaldehyde-free? Your wish is our command. Opt for more down to earth (literally!) countertops and use nature as your inspiration. 

All work and no play?

Toxic chemicals aren’t allowed at this playdate! Keep your home stocked with formaldehyde-free toys for your little one on the way. Make play time a toxic-free event and stock up on plushies, rattles, and teethers!

Make Your Home Million Marker Approved 

Experience true relaxation and put your mind at ease knowing your home is formaldehyde-free. Wondering if there are other chemicals lurking around your home you need to give the boot to?

Many other harmful chemicals are lurking in the packaging of products that contain formaldehyde which pose a health risk to you and your family. Take Million Marker’s Detect & Detox Test Kit + Lifestyle Audit and receive personalized recommendations and feedback on how to reduce your toxic exposure to this harmful chemical and others.