Are Parabens Safe During Pregnancy?

Stun the world with your pregnant glow without toxic cosmetic chemicals, like parabens. Using products containing parabens during pregnancy may imbalance your hormones. Find the right balance between glamming up and going natural with these pregnancy-safe tips!


Are Parabens Safe During Pregnancy?

Million Marker recommends going paraben-free and avoiding these sneaky chemicals that can appear in:

  • Cosmetics such as foundations, concealers, facial washes, soaps, and mascaras

  • Body care products such as shampoo and conditioner

  • Baked goods

  • Beverages 

  • Packaging for products

Parabens are used as artificial preservatives to increase the shelf life of products. Pregnant women exposed to parabens may have children with abnormal weight development [1]. Use of parabens may also influence thyroid hormone levels [2]. 

Going natural doesn’t mean you have to go au naturel. Spice up your self-care routine with a sustainable makeover!

Paraben-free Makeover the Million Marker Way 

Enjoy your night out on the town without feeling guilty about your getting ready routine. Live your best life and avoid parabens during pregnancy with these toxic-free upgrades. 

1. But First, Feel Refreshed 

Before you don your concealer, use toxic-free products that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Massage your scalp in Million Marker’s approved shampoos and conditioners

Then, relax in a bath with an organic oils shower gel. Scrub your worries away with paraben-free soap and give yourself the one-on-one time you deserve! 

2. Get Runway Ready

A girls’ night out needs to include good eats! Indulge on that delicious burger without smudging your paraben-free lip care. Just don’t let that milkshake mess up your toxic-free sunscreen application! 

Maybe it’s best to keep your all-natural toothpaste tablets handy in case wine night gets messy! Never forget some paraben-free deodorant after an impromptu evening on the dance floor. 

3. Unwind, Paraben-Free Style

Swap those heels out for some comfy slippers after a long night out. Wash that makeup away with a paraben-free facial cleanser

Next, treat yourself to a fragrant facial mask. Being paraben-free has never felt so relaxing! 

New Me, No More Parabens

Pledge to make parabens a thing of the past. Reduce your exposure by:

Beauty starts from within and makeup can help highlight it! Ensure that your cosmetic products are paraben-free. 

Curious about what other chemicals you can eliminate from your beauty drawer? Check out Million Marker's Detect & Detox Test Kit + Lifestyle Audit to discover how you can reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals that are dulling your glow.