Is Petroleum Jelly Safe During Pregnancy?

Petroleum jelly has helped us heal tattoos, soothe burns, and even did the trick as a lubricant. As beneficial as Vaseline has been, this waxy ointment can get your body in a sticky situation. It may contain contaminants that might impact reproductive organs..and not in a good lubricant way! Hydrate and heal your skin with cleaner alternatives than petroleum jelly during pregnancy.

A Petroleum Jelly By Any Other Name...

Trying to ghost petroleum jelly? Don't get catfished by its Doppelgängers.

Browse the labels looking for:

  • Petroleum Jelly

  • Petrolatum

  • White Petrolatum

  • Soft Paraffin

  • CAS number 8009-03-8

Protect your skin during pregnancy by using natural alternatives to petroleum jelly. Let's discuss why!

I Don't Think You're Ready For This Petroleum Jelly

You're not a crude person. So don't use crude oils on your body!

Unrefined petroleum jelly may be derived from crude oil and naturally contain potential contaminants that might impact your health [1]. 

We're talking about polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). 

Say buh-bye to PAHs! Too much exposure to PAHs may have toxic, mutagenic and/or carcinogenic effects [2].

Your safest option is to use fully refined petroleum jelly. 

Refining is a costly and laborious process, so fully refined petroleum jelly is a rare find. Spread peace of mind by applying natural ointments instead of unrefined petroleum jellies. 

Can You Use Vaseline While Pregnant?

Vaseline is made from petroleum products, which we don’t recommend using. Not only does Vaseline lock in moisture, it locks in PAHs.

14 PAHs are linked to carcinogenic growth, putting women at a 50% higher risk of developing breast cancer [3]. 

Allow your skin to glow naturally without the use of Vaseline. It may clog pores, irritate the skin, or cause acne breakouts, anyway! 

Petroleum Jelly with Peanut Butter-Like Allergies

Nourish your skin by limiting potential allergens from your beauty routine. Rethink using petroleum jelly as part of your wellness regimen. 

Side effects of petroleum jelly might include [3]:

  • Clogged Pores: Petroleum jelly creates a film that makes the skin less breathable.

  • Acne: Frequent use can cause flare-ups.

  • Slow Down Healing: Thick film might prevent the natural healing process.

  • Increase Vaginal Infections: Harder to clean off as a lubricant, which may alter vaginal pH balance.

  • Asthma: Might be problematic for people with respiratory issues. 

Rejuvenate your skin and heal wounds without worry. Use natural alternatives to petroleum jelly while pregnant!

Petroleum Patrol: All-Natural Glow-Ups!

Vaseline serves many purposes, but at a hidden expense. Embrace the transparency of all-natural products. 

Makeover your personal products with these petroleum-free upgrades:

Natural Beauty, Sustainable Life

The petroleum jelly and pregnancy dynamic become an even messier situation. Many popular petroleum products are stored in plastic packaging, including Vaseline. 

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Discover natural products that fit your routine like peanut butter and jelly; hold the petroleum!