Pregnancy Safe Hair Products

Pregnancy looks great on you. Accentuate that natural glow by keeping up with your haircare routine. Achieve healthier hair without using toxic chemical ingredients that can disrupt your hormones. Style yourself with safe hair products during pregnancy!


Hair Chemicals and Pregnancy Warnings 

Hair chemicals and pregnancy have a history as complicated as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Common hair care ingredients are deemed safe in small doses, including in hair dyes, shampoos, and styling products. 

Some hair requires a bit of finesse, especially on those rainy or humid days. Taming those wild hairs can require anything from mousse to gel to a relaxer!

Get to know your hair care products. Scan ingredients lists for:

Safe Hair Products During Pregnancy

Care for your hair while caring for your future child. Massage your scalp with these moisturizing and rejuvenating hair care products. 

1. Rein In the Frizz

Maintain your frizzy hair without getting tangled up in toxic chemicals. Meet all of your hair care needs with Just the Goods. They have two cruelty-free formulas that will help you replace toxic frizz remedies. 

Moisturize and prevent itch with their Leave-In Volumizing and Frizz-Reducing Hair Conditioning Spray. Then, sculpt a masterpiece with your scalp using their ultra-hydrating Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

2. Gel With A Toxic-Free Lifestyle

Gels are great because they gel with what you're trying to do. You can easily work these products into your hair to master the style that you slay!

Look sickening without using toxic chemicals that cluster up and actually clunk up your hair. Stylize with Miessence's Shape Hair Styling Gel

This pregnancy-safe hair gel is fortified with organic ingredients and probiotics. Promote shinier hair and a toxic-free lifestyle with this vegan hair gel!

"There are 66 hair chemicals hiding in black women's hair care products that are linked to breast cancer."


3. Strong Hair, Strong You

Celebrate your natural roots. Regenerate your hair growth with Botanical Hair Elixir No. 3 Energizer. This natural spray will soothe irritated skin and stimulate follicle growth. 

Shed the 66 hair chemicals hiding in black women's hair care products [2]. Prevent graying and thinning with this pregnancy-safe hair serum!

Wash Away Plastic 

Toxic chemicals can be a tangled mess for our health. They're not only in hair care products. 

Plastic packaging used in hair products, like BPA, parabens, and phthalates, contain hormone disruptors. 

Get to the root of your toxic exposures. Participate in a body toxicity test and get a lifestyle audit from Million Marker

Determine which hair care products are packaged with toxic chemicals. Receive custom hair care recommendations tailored to your unique needs. Enjoy healthy hair, a healthy baby, and a healthy you!

Start brainstorming your hair makeover by checking out our approved list of hair products and pregnancy-safe shampoos!