What Lubricants Are Safe To Use While Pregnant

Sex is an intimate connection that can help an expecting couple feel even closer. Using lubricants can be a safe way to enhance fun, comfort, and pleasure in the bedroom [1]. Like sexual partners, not all lubes are created equally. Engage in toxic-free sex with safe lubricant during pregnancy!


What Kind of Lube Can You Use While Pregnant? 

Foster a healthy pregnancy by keeping sex free of toxic chemicals. Enjoy a good time with someone you love while using water-based lubricants. Only makes sense, since the bodies that made the baby are about 60% water. 

Move the heat from the kitchen to the bedroom with fruit oils. Organic fruit oils are slick and absorb into the skin naturally. Spice up your sheets with coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, or sunflower oil. 

Is Silicone Lubricant Safe During Pregnancy?

Silicone lubes are generally recognized as safe to use during pregnancy [2]. They're extremely pleasurable because they last a long time. That's also worrisome because...well, they last a long time.  

Silicone-based lubes create a barrier on the vagina, which can alter your vaginal pH level [3]. Believe it or not, a slightly acidic vagina is a good thing. pH levels are regulated by probiotic vaginal bacteria [4]. 

Your vaginal bacteria are a cliquey crew and with good reason. These little bugs protect you and your baby. 

Bacterial friends prevent toxic chemical exposures and (UTIs) by maintaining a high pH balance [5]. It’s essentially an “unwelcome mat” to your baby’s home.   

Do You Need to Use Lube While Pregnant? 

That baby inside of you is living proof that your estrogen levels are high. Thankfully, estrogen helps maintain pH balance in the vagina. 

This naturally improves vaginal moisture. So, using lube might not be necessary while pregnant. However, you can still enhance your pleasure with a natural lubricant. 

"Silicone-based lubes create a barrier on the vagina, which can alter your vaginal pH level."

What Is the Best Pregnancy-Safe Lubricant?

Picking the right lube to use during pregnancy is almost as important as picking a partner. Well, maybe not. However, it definitely helps keep the fun alive!

Partake in as much fun as you want, as long as you use a natural lubricant that is safe for pregnancy. Embrace the one you love with Emerita Organic Oil-Based Lubricant

This silky-smooth lubricant contains a blend of oils that moisturize vaginal dryness. Express your love pain-free with natural lubrication! 

Is It Bad to Use Lube While Pregnant?

Sex should always be enjoyable, especially when you're celebrating the creation of life. Prepare for a healthier future by removing toxic chemicals from your daily products. The first step is to upgrade your personal lubricant to water or oil-based substitutes. 

Unearth other toxic chemicals that might be lingering in your personal products. Measure your exposure to parabens, phthalates, BPA, and other toxic chemicals from your lube and personal products. 

Mail your urine to a laboratory with Million Markers' Detect & Detox Test Kit + Lifestyle Audit. Receive custom health insights and personalized product recommendations you’ll love. 

You're entering the best years of your life. Enter them as healthy as you. Check out our pregnancy safe products Approved by Million Marker to have the healthiest lifestyle.



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