A Guide To Pregnancy Safe Mouthwash

Indulging in your pregnancy cravings is a celebration of the amazing job you're doing. It can also leave your breath a little sour. Breathe minty-fresh breath without exposing your body to the toxic chemicals found in the 20 top mouthwash brands [1]. Strengthen your teeth and baby's health with pregnancy-safe mouthwash.


Can You Use Mouthwash While Pregnant?

As our bodies prepare to grow life, our extra hormones can impact our dental health [2]. Brighten your smile with pink gums and healthy teeth during your pregnancy. Preserve your pearly whites by rinsing with up to 0.05% of sodium fluoride daily [3]. 

Fluoride exposure in water has been linked to Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children [4]. 

Now, water is essential. Listerine is not.

Consider how much fluoride you consume daily between mouthwashes, water, and toothpaste. Explore alternative methods to your oral care to promote a healthier future. 

Limit your fluoride exposure by choosing natural mouthwashes and nourish your body by filtering your water of potentially toxic chemicals.

Is Listerine Safe for Pregnancy?

Using Listerine during pregnancy is generally recognized as safe, as long as you don’t swallow.

Before you bottoms up like a bottomless mimosa brunch, that doesn't mean Listerine is the best mouthwash while pregnant. 

This breath freshener has anything but fresh ingredients. You can thank FD&C Green No. 3 for putting the "cool" in "Cool Mint Listerine" [5].

Despite the lack of studies, dye intake should be limited. Protect your living children from hyperactivity by limiting their artificial dye intake, including FD&C Green No. 3 [6]. 

Alcohol is great for Happy Hour and for cleaning bacteria in your mouth. Babies growing in the womb? Not so much. Listerine users should select an alcohol-free formula. 

Need help choosing mouthwash? We invite you to browse Million Marker's Approved Oral Care Items. Treat yourself to natural, pregnancy-safe mouthwash options! 

"Studies suggest that many mainstream mouthwashes exceed the toxic effect of alcohol."

Best Mouthwash for Pregnancy

Swish up some fresh breath without swallowing toxic chemicals. Your partner will thank you.

While we don't recommend using Listerine while pregnant, we do believe it is safe to use mouthwash during this exciting time. 

So, which mouthwash is safe during pregnancy? Glad you asked. Here are some of the best mouthwashes to use while pregnant!

1. Tooth & Gums Tonic

Soothe irritated gums and support healthy enamel growth with Tooth & Gums Tonic. Comfortably care for your teeth without exposing your body to toxic chemicals. This plant-based tonic uses actual essential oils to provide flavor and fresh breath in one! 

2. Akami Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Whiten your teeth and detoxify your body with Akami Oil Pulling Mouthwash. Promote healing with a blend of nourishing plant oils, like virgin organic unrefined sesame seed oil and black seed oil. Cleanse your body of toxic chemicals with a refreshing blend of essential oils. 



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