Skincare Products To Avoid When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting journey where the female's body goes through a lot of changes. Rejuvenate your skin during this transformative time with natural wellness products. Read our guide on body and face product ingredients to avoid while pregnant. Then, nourish your skin with our natural beauty alternatives!


Skincare Products To Avoid When Pregnant

Creating life transforms our bodies. These beautiful changes can also promote acne, hair loss, and more [1]. Bring balance back to your body by swapping out beauty products with toxic chemicals for pregnancy safe skincare products.

Scan labels for skincare chemicals to avoid during pregnancy [2]: 

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) - Human-made chemical that disrupts normal hormone activity in the body.

  • Polycyclic Musks - Undegradable fragrance materials [3]. 

  • Triclosan - Toxic chemical that disrupts hormones [4].

  • Formaldehyde - Antimicrobial preservative that has been linked to cancer, allergic reactions, and brain toxicity [5].

  • Benzophenones - Ultraviolet light filters that may promote dermatitis and anaphylaxis [6].

Save Your Skin...and the Environment 

Lotions and body butter ingredients aren't the only skin care chemicals to avoid during pregnancy. Improve your skin health and your carbon footprint with plastic-free packaging. 

Reclaim hormonal balance by removing plastics from your cosmetics. These toxic chemicals can mimic estrogen, which can cause unnecessary stress. 

Rejuvenate your glow and the environment by using cosmetics stored in glass jars or BPA-free bottles. Even better, enrich your beauty routine with Million Marker's Approved Body Oils, Butters & Lotions.

Achieve Beautiful Skin and Healthy Pregnancy  

Pregnancy is a vulnerable time in a mother's life. Million Marker is here to help you understand exposure and make the appropriate changes in your use of cosmetics. 

Highlight your natural glow by using Million Marker Approved Skincare Items: 

Discover more natural remedies that you will love. Browse non-toxic trade-ups with pregnancy safe products listed on Million Marker’s Approved Products list. 

Million Marker's Guide to Better Skin Care and a Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Embrace your body's changes. It is normal to see your skin break out during pregnancy. You're doing an incredible job, and these changes are proof. 

  2. Hold back those impulsive purchases. Become aware of what you will be introducing to your body. Familiarize yourself with toxic skincare ingredients to avoid during pregnancy.

  3. Makeover your beauty products with an all-natural cosmetics upgrade. Get personalized product recommendations based on your toxic exposures. Mail-in a urine test to Million Marker, and learn which of your daily products are exposing you to toxic chemicals.