What Sunscreens To Use While Pregnant

Fun in the sun is an excellent way to spend any day, especially when you're pregnant. Sun-kissed skin helps the body produce vitamin D, which helps your baby grow teeth, bones, and muscles [1]. Protect your skin from harmful sun rays without lathering on the toxic chemicals. Let's discuss what ingredients in sunscreen to avoid when pregnant!


Are Chemical Sunscreens Safe During Pregnancy?

There are no studies that directly link issues with using chemical sunscreens during pregnancy. Though, with something as precious as a child, it's important to err on the side of caution. 

Chemical sunscreens are made with ingredients that can be potentially toxic, yet beach vacays require plenty of sunscreen! These sunning seshes can exceed daily recommended limits on sunscreen chemicals.

It's better to be safe than sorry. Soak up more sun and less toxic chemicals by applying natural sunscreen. 

Sunscreen Ingredients to Avoid When Pregnant 

While sunscreen chemicals can't directly impact your baby, they might confuse your hormones. Consequently, your body might not provide your baby with the essential resources. 

Enjoy a healthy pregnancy by limiting your exposure to these sunscreen ingredients:

Put your beach chair back out because you're not packing up for the day just yet. Get your sun-on and protect your body by using all-natural mineral sunscreens. 

"Oxybenzone is used in 70% of sunscreens"

List of Safe Sunscreens During Pregnancy

Live your best life in the sun without worrying about toxic chemicals. Check out these pregnancy-safe sunscreens

1. Butter Me Up Organics Natural Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

Optimize your skincare regimen with Butter Me Up Organics. Trade-in oxybenzone and trade up to nano-zinc oxide. 

Create a tropical oasis everywhere you go. Nourish your skin with this blend's exotic aromas of organic coconut oil, shea butter, and mango butter!

2. Raw Elements' Face Stick

Shield the most exposed part of your body from turning into a lobster. Keep your face glowing rather than reddening with Raw Elements' Face Stick.

Moisturize and protect in one with a luxurious blend of organic sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, and mango butter. Rejuvenate burned skin with a soothing mixture of organic black tea, green tea, rosemary extract, and vitamin E. It's pre-and-after suncare in one BPA-free bottle!

3. MANDA Organic Sun Creme 

Increase your protection with MANDA Organic Sun Creme. Lavishly apply this silky-smooth formula while you relax in the sun. 

Hydrate your skin while you soak up the sun with a unique blend of organic coconut oil, almond butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax. Regenerate your natural glow with Thanaka powder, organic cinnamon oil, and cocoa powder. You’ll look sun-kissed and have the natural glow of a healthy pregnancy!



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