What Toothpaste Is Safe To Use While Pregnant?

Strong teeth and good breath are good for your health. Plus, they certainly make those lips more kissable. Clean up that smile (and your lifestyle) with pregnancy-safe toothpaste!

Can Pregnancy Weaken Teeth?

Pregnancy hormones cause more than just a teary eye during an animal shelter commercial. High levels of estrogen might weaken teeth [1]. Strengthen your pearly whites by brushing them at least twice daily.

Is Fluoride Safe During Pregnancy?

Public health officials suggest brushing with fluoride is safe for pregnant women. But in absence of that mojito, don't go swallowing your mint toothpaste! 

Since 80% of fluoride [2] gets absorbed in the stomach, health officials recommend not swallowing your toothpaste [3]. 

Babies only need 0.01 mg of fluoride per day [4]. Find that balance that is just enough for you, but not to the point where it can affect your child’s cognitive development.

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe While Pregnant?

Sometimes you've gotta blacken your teeth to whiten them. You read that right!

Activated charcoal is generally safe to use when pregnant. Like regular toothpaste, avoid swallowing. If you plan to ingest activated charcoal supplements, talk to your doctor first [5].

Brighten your smile naturally by using charcoal toothpaste when pregnant. Enhance your sparkle with Reclamation Coco Blackout Tooth Polish [6].

3 Toothpaste Pregnancy Tips

Help your family achieve a successful pregnancy by taking care of your oral health. You're going to kiss your baby with that mouth. Clean it out by following these toothpaste for pregnant mom tips!

1. Purify Your Water

Babies are tiny. That's why we gush when we see their little smooshy faces. 

These little beings also can't break down the toxic chemicals that an adult body can. Hence the whole 0.01 mg of fluoride thing. 

However, 60% of the American water supply is fortified with fluoride. Sure, it's strengthening our teeth, but it could be impacting our children’s health [7]. 

Protect the minds of tomorrow by filtering your water. Your smile and the reasons for that smile will thank you!

"80% of fluoride gets absorbed in the stomach"

2. Be Friends with Labels

Ingredients lists have a lot of words...and those words say a lot! Uncover the hidden chemicals in your toothpaste's ingredients list.

Toothpaste ingredients to avoid when pregnant include:

Get to know these and other chemicals to avoid with our approved pregnancy-safe toothpaste

3. Brush with the Planet In Mind

Children are the future. Set them up for success one toothbrush at a time! 

Help solve the climate crisis by limiting your plastic use. Reduce waste caused by 1 billion toothbrushes annually by using bamboo toothbrushes [11].  

Bamboo is biodegradable. Plus, it grows like a weed! Create a sustainable tomorrow with these pregnancy-safe products.

What Is The Best Toothpaste for Pregnancy?

The best toothpaste to use when pregnant comes in BPA-free packaging, tastes good, and smells even better. Oh, and it won't disrupt your pregnancy!

Improve your oral hygiene with:

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Toxic exposures are in more than the products themselves. They’re in packaging, clothing, and even furniture. 

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Whiten your teeth and freshen your breath naturally. Brush up with pregnancy-safe toothpaste and toothbrushes.

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