Soaps and Body Washes

Approved Soaps and Body Washes


Relax after a long day by unwinding with a warm bath. Pamper your body with some much-needed self-care without exposing it to harmful ingredients in soap. Many brands create the illusion of a healthy product by using toxic chemicals for fragrances or preservatives. Scrub away bad ingredients in soap, like triclosan, BHT, and glycerin. Regenerate healthy skin and capture your radiant glow with these non-toxic soaps and body washes!



Handmade Hemp Exfoliating Back Scrubber and Large Body Mitt - Natural Healthy Skin Care for Women and Men - Fairtrade Made by Artisans in Bangladesh

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Purifying Cleansing Bar

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The Essentials

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Meow Meow Tweet Hand + Body Wash

Meow Meow Tweet Body Soap


Citrus Lavender Body Wash


Rosemary Mint Vanilla Body Wash


Premium CBD Bath Bombs

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Pure and Simple Organic Soap


Fragrance Free Baby Bar Soap


Bath and Body Bar (All Scents)


Organic Liquid Soap (All Scents)


Black Soap (All Scents)


Black Soap Bar (All Scents)


Rosemary Peppermint Body Wash


Pure Castile Soap Bar (All Scents)


Foaming Hand Soap


Organic Bar Soap


Luxurious Face Soap Bar


Bath & Shower Gel


Foaming Hand & Body Soap

Exactly! Organics

Fresh Mint Hand Wash


Geranium Ylang Ylang Hand Wash




Fresh Mint Body Wash


Geranium Ylang Ylang Body Wash


Soap Bar (All Scents)


Castile Soap (All Scents)


Bia Balancing Soap


Bia Cleansing Soap


Liquid Soap


Shave and Shower Gel


Camel Milk Soap Bar


Bamboo Soap Dish


Organic Body Soap


Apple + Broccoli Hair & Body Wash


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Multi-Purpose Loofah Sponge (2 Pack)

Shower Pouf | Organic Cotton