Team & Values

About Million Marker


Jenna Hua, RD, MPH, PhD


Chief Executive Officer, Founder

A registered dietitian and environmental health scientist by training, Jenna's past research has focused on how our surrounding environment impacts our behaviors and health. An ardent believer in disease prevention, she wants to provide personalized preventive strategies to everyone to lead a healthier life.

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Francis Nimick

Chief Technology Officer

Francis is an experienced technical leader and developer who has worked extensively in consumer-facing healthcare startups. He is passionate about leveraging technology to directly improve people's lives. His work at Million Marker will empower individuals to understand the risks of toxic chemical exposure, and give them the tools they need to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

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Jo Rochester, MS, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Jo has spent over two decades studying how substances in the environment affect hormones and health. Jo believes that the threat of toxic chemical exposures is a universal issue and that people should know what they are being exposed to. Her work at Million Marker empowers people to take charge of their own toxic exposures and make informed choices for themselves and their families.

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Ross Elisson

Analytical Chemist

Ross is an analytical chemist who is curious about the exposome and eager to be a part of an effort to better understand it. Ross is training at the UCSF Clinical Toxicology & Environmental Biomonitoring Lab under Dr. Roy Gerona.  He hopes his work at Million Marker will raise awareness of what might be otherwise hidden consequences of modernity and lifestyle choices.

Michael Lathrop

Chief Communications Officer

Michael "Myk" Lathrop has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and spent six years as a producer for World Wrestling Entertainment. A passion for writing led Myk to move into an RV, see the United States, and begin his freelance writing career. Myk uses empathy to provide educational content through SEO optimization, email marketing, and event planning. As a lifelong vegetarian and environmental advocate, Myk only produces content for like-minded brands.

Leah Ward

Graphic Designer

Leah is a freelance designer with experience in branding, social media graphics, websites, interactive PDFs, and print media. She believes in the power of presentation - good design helps ensure that the services and resources that Million Marker has to offer are accessible, understandable, and pleasant for all who wish to learn about EDCs and discover paths to a healthier life.

Christina Ribbens

Chief Operations Officer, Head of People

Chris has over 24 years of experience in administration and people management. Chris previously worked at the Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), an NGO focused on the environmental and health impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). She is passionate about educating the public about EDCs and other chemical exposures and translating research findings to real-world practices with the goal of creating a healthier world for generations to come.

Advisors & Collaborators

Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD

Medical Advisor

UCLA School of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
University of Michigan
The Egg Whisperer

Roy Gerona, PhD


Science Advisor

Director, UCSF Clinical Toxicology & Environmental Biomonitoring Lab

Assistant Professor, UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences


Brenda Eskenazi, MA, PhD


Science Advisor

Retired Brian and Jennifer Maxwell Endowed Chair, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Director of Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health (CERCH)

Jarod Grossman, PhD


Science Advisor

Senior Application Scientist, Software and Informatics Development, Agilent Technologies

Former Co-Chair, Exposomics, American Society for Mass Spectrometry

Christopher Neff

Marketing Advisor

Global Head of Emerging Experience and Technology, Anomaly

UX Committee Member, The Ad Council

Our Story

Toxic chemical exposures (i.e. the exposome) are responsible for as much as 70% of chronic disease.

But if you ask your doctor what you can do about this, chances are they won’t know what to tell you. They might suggest eating right and exercising, but this is neither personalized nor helpful. Even people who eat right and exercise regularly might be at risk of health problems caused by toxic chemical exposures.

There are shockingly few tools available that let you understand which toxic chemicals your body has been exposed to and what you can do about it. 

We created Million Marker to solve these problems. Our mission is to help people understand what’s in their body that shouldn’t be. And to provide clear solutions to help people minimize their exposures.

Our Values

Data stewards, not owners

We view ourselves as stewards of the data we collect and not as owners. As stewards, it is our responsibility to not just protect customer data but to also actively partner with you, the owner of that data, to find meaningful ways to derive value from it while moving the science forward.

Right to know (or not)

As a consumer, you have the right to information that will inform your wellbeing. More importantly, you have the choice about whether you want to exercise that right. It is up to us to present information as clearly as we can to empower you. We do so while progressively building capabilities to inform action.

Stay true

The science and technology of exposomics are rapidly evolving. Like with everything else, there are limits today to what the data can tell us. We strive to remain true and realistic about this. As excited as we are about our mission, we are equally cautious about making sure that we don’t misrepresent what is actually possible today.