“What I love most about MillionMarker is that they provide solutions. Their customized report on ingredients in products that I use helped me root out where my exposures were coming from. I'm excited to see them expand into more chemical analyses as it provides hope that people can protect themselves.”

— Carol Kwiatkowski, PhD Former Director, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX)

“I am a father of four and am always looking for ways to optimize my own health to improve my longevity and be an energetic and sharp dad. The BPA and phthalates urine tests were easy to use. When the results came in, I found it easy to follow the lifestyle change suggestions and natural to maintain my newly learned behaviors. They also worked! Upon taking a follow-up test, my exposure levels had decreased.”

— Ted, Million Marker Customer

“I have long been waiting for a way for my patients to test and monitor their exposure to chemicals that can harm their fertility. Today, they can! The Million Marker Detect and Detox test kit helps my patients understand and reduce their harmful chemical exposures before and during their fertility journey. Million Marker offers an innovative way to learn how to change your lifestyle and rid yourself of toxic chemical exposures that can affect your health and fertility — and lead to a healthier and brighter tomorrow.”

— Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, The Egg Whisperer

“I have to say I’m so happy y’all do such a thorough report. It is easy to understand and the recommendations are very helpful! I’m so happy to recommend this test! I can see that you guys love what you do and do an amazing job educating others on how to lower their toxin load! You make it easy to understand and follow.”

— Astrid, Million Marker Customer