What Is Benzophenone & Is It Safe?



Benzophenone is an odorful chemical used in products to filter out UV light that may cause faster degradation. It is found in many naturally occurring plants. It is unnecessary to maintain the quality of products since it is primarily used to lengthen shelf life and is a chemical to avoid


What Products Have Benzophenone In Them?

Benzophenone can be found in:

  • Personal care products, such as lip balms

  • Sunscreen 

  • Packaging 

  • Fruits, such as grapes

  • Printing industry products, such as ink

Is Benzophenone Safe?

Benzophenone may result in damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure [1]. Million Marker does not recommend that pregnant women or women trying to conceive expose themselves to this chemical. 

Health Impacts of Benzophenone Products

In animal studies, benzophenones-like UV filters caused marked developmental and reproductive toxicity effects [2]. Additionally, residues of the chemical found in human urine and breast milk were linked to hormone-disrupting effects in both men and women [3]. 

How to Avoid Benzophenone

Avoid benzophenone by:

  • Using sunscreens and other personal care products without benzophenone additives. 

  • Checking labels and making sure your products are benzophenone-free.


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