What Is Isoxanthohumol & Is It Safe?



Isoxanthohumol is a phytoestrogen derived from the hop plant that has many estrogenic effects. The inclusion of isoxanthohumol in beer allows for bacteria to be inhibited during the fermentation process. It is also commonly used for anti-cancer research efforts. 




What Products Have Isoxanthohumol In Them?

Isoxanthohumol can be found in:

  • The hops plant

  • Beer 

  • Some food supplements 

Is Isoxanthohumol Safe?

Because of its possible estrogenic effects and that its main point of exposure is in alcohol, Million Marker recommends that pregnant women or women trying to conceive should avoid exposure to isoxanthohumol.  

Health Impacts of Isoxanthohumol Products

Isoxanthohumol may mimic the role of estrogen and interfere with the glands that produce and release hormones [1]. This chemical exhibits endocrine-disrupting effects and may affect female reproductive health. Additionally, exposure to phytoestrogens may interfere with regular menstrual and ovulatory cycles [2]. For these reasons, Million Marker lists isoxanthohumol as one of the chemicals to avoid.

How to Avoid Isoxanthohumol 

Reduce your exposure to isoxanthohumol by:

  • Drinking all-natural, USDA-certified organic beers without isoxanthohumol. 

  • Drinking beer-based alternatives or alcoholic-free beverages.


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