What Is Nonylphenol & Is It Safe?

Nonylphenol is a synthetic chemical used for industrial processes. The use of nonylphenol products has been associated with hormonal imbalances [1]. Its low solubility rate makes it an environmental hazard [2]. The EU has banned nonylphenol, with Canada and Japan monitoring its use for safety. Million Marker recommends avoiding nonylphenol products. 


What Products Have Nonylphenol In Them?

Nonylphenol can be found in:

  • Lubricating oils

  • Laundry and dish detergents 

  • Emulsifiers 

  • Household paints

  • Textile processes

Is Nonylphenol Safe?

The EPA has voiced concern over the inclusion of nonylphenol in products which have been shown to accumulate and harm humans and aquatic life. Some countries have already moved to restrict this chemical such as EU countries, Canada, and Japan which have all banned their use and production in consumer products. Million Marker categorizes nonylphenol as unsafe and does not recommend anyone to use products containing or manufactured with this chemical. 

Health Impacts of Nonylphenol Products

Some studies have defined nonylphenol as an endocrine disrupting chemical that can interfere with normal estrogenic processes and cause early menstruation, low sperm counts, and poor reproductive health [3]. Pregnant women should be especially cautious to avoid this chemical. Studies indicate nonylphenol can disrupt hormones that are critical for early-stage pregnancies [4].

How to Avoid Nonylphenol

You can reduce your exposure to nonylphenol by:

You can find our recommended personal care products on our Approved Products list!


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