What Is Oxybenzone & Is It Safe?

Oxybenzone is a UV filter that is commonly used in many sunscreen products. Human skin absorbs oxybenzone at higher levels than initially thought [1]. Oxybenzone has been linked to cancer, as well as issues with fetal development in pregnant women. Million Marker does not recommend using products with oxybenzone as an ingredient. 



What Products Have Oxybenzone In Them?

Oxybenzone can be found in:

  • Commercial sunscreens

  • Body oil

  • Aftershave 

Is Oxybenzone Safe?

When examining chemicals in products, the FDA has repeatedly flagged oxybenzone as worrisome to the health of the public [2]. Some countries, such as Japan, have already taken the initiative to ban the use of oxybenzone in their products [3]. Additionally, oxybenzone has been shown to be a plant allergen and can cause allergic reactions in sun exposure [4] [5].

Health Impacts of Oxybenzone Products

Studies show a strong link between oxybenzone and hormone abnormalities [6]. Additionally, this endocrine disruptor can be especially harmful to pregnant women. A recent study has shown that it is highly absorbed into the bloodstream and can negatively impact the fetus [7]. Million Marker does not recommend the use of products with oxybenzone because of their high potential risks. 

How to Avoid Oxybenzone

Avoid this chemical by using oxybenzone-free products, especially sunscreens and other personal care products. Opt for natural ways of protecting yourself from the sun, such as umbrellas, shade coverings, and face and head coverings. 

You can find our recommended personal care products on our Approved Products list!


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